Today in the city Palmetto 28.04.2017
State burial in Poland for WWII heroes slain by communists

A state burial in Poland has been held for two World War II heroes who fought the Germans but were later killed by the communists for their pro-independence activity

Potentially habitable planet found orbiting the nearest star to the sun

Astrophysicists are thrilled with the discovery of a planet outside our solar system that is within the "habitable zone" of the star Proxima Centauri, meaning water could exist there. Planet Found in...

A Planet Like Earth Discovered Near Solar System

European astronomers announced their discovery of a small rocky planet potentially hospitable to life circling the star closest to our own solar system—our nearest neighbor in a galaxy dense with unex...

A Russian billionaire has a crazy plan to reach a nearby planet that might harbor life

Back in April, Russian billionaire Yuri Milner pledged $100 million toward a crazy plan to visit another star system. The mission — Breakthrough Starshot — aims to get this done by propelling teeny, t...

New Planet is 'Right Next Door'

One side's too hot and one side's too cold, but this new planet would have a glowy orange sky and it's right next door.

Scientists find Earth-like planet circling sun's nearest neighbor

(Reuters) - Scientists have discovered a planet that appears to be similar to Earth circling the star closest to the sun, potentially a major step in the quest to find out if life exists elsewhere in...

Could life exist on Proxima b, the closest Earth-like planet in the universe? - CNET

A planet that could be Earth's cousin is circling the nearest star beyond our sun. Could Proxima b also host cousins of a different sort?

One Star Over, a Planet That Might Be Another Earth

Scientists have detected a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest neighbor to our solar system. It might someday be possible to reach.

Scientists are preparing to search for alien life on what could be our closest Earth-like planet

On Wednesday, an international team of scientists in the Pale Red Dot campaign announced that the closest star to our solar system might just be our best bet at finding alien life. The star, called Pr...

Potentially Earth-like planet found orbiting our neighboring star

The dim, red light of a small star illuminates the rocky surface of a world just four light-years from Earth.  This newfound alien planet, or exoplanet, may have a life-supporting atmosphere or i...

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