Today in the city Palmetto 21.02.2018
Caroline Glick: Antisemitism in Poland a Symptom of a Larger European Problem

Relations between Poland and Israel are in their deepest crisis in memory in the wake of Poland's move to criminalize criticism of Polish collaboration with the Nazis during the Holocaust.

A giant, years-long storm on Neptune is disappearing — and it's being caught on camera for the first time

A huge storm on Neptune is disappearing, and the Hubble Telescope is documenting it for the first time. The storm has led scientists to question their understanding of the prevailing dynamics of Neptu...

12 of your favorite foods that might be going extinct soon

Climate change is negatively affecting the world's food supply in a variety of ways. Fluctuating temperatures and unstable weather patterns make it more difficult for different crops to thrive. Avocad...

Harley-Davidson to Close Down Kansas Plant Despite Pleas from Congress

Harley-Davidson to Close Down Kansas Plant Despite Pleas from Missouri Congressional Leaders US Senators and Congressman’s last-ditch-effort to keep H-D’s Kansas plant open, to no avail   Over the las...

Poland's heavy foresting under scrutiny

In Bialowieza, one of Europe's largest primeval forests, it's claimed too many trees are being cut down. An EU adviser says Poland's decision to increase wood harvesting has broken European Union la...

Officer: Seafood Plant Fails to Report Property Fire

Authorities say a seafood plant in Akutan failed to report a fire on the property that could have endangered a nearby village.

EU Advocate Says Poland Broke Law by Logging in Forest

European Union's top advocate says that Poland has infringed EU environmental law with its massive logging of trees in one of Europe's last pristine Bialowieza Forest.

Swastikas Discovered at Polish Embassy in Israel After ‘Jewish Perpetrators’ Comment

The obscene graffiti followed a remark by the Polish prime minister defending a new law criminalizing suggestions that Poland was a perpetrator of the Holocaust.

Polish PM seeks dialogue with Israel on 'difficult history'

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's prime minister said Sunday that dialogue with Israel about the Holocaust is necessary and would serve as a warning to prevent such "exceptionally terrifying&quo...

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